A Virtual Reality Tour of DC’s Cannabis Program


PRESS RELEASE: D.C. Cannabis Dispensary uses Virtual Reality to Take Consumers Behind the Scenes

Metropolitan Wellness Center produces the first virtual reality experience focusing on cannabis cultivation and dispensing in Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Metropolitan Wellness Center (MWC), a cannabis dispensary located in Washington, D.C., today announces the release of Cannabis in the Capital, a virtual reality experience taking consumers behind the scenes to see how cannabis is produced and prepared for sale in the district.

“Our goal with this project is to highlight the professionalism and quality of the thriving DC Medical Cannabis Program,” said Mike Cuthriell, President and Founder of MWC. “We want our community to see exactly how we produce and prepare cannabis for consumption. From manufacturing to dispensing, our DC facilities are clean, safe and offer dozens of high quality cannabis products. We could not have brought this idea to life without the interest of local cultivators and the production team from VRTÜL.”

“Projects like ‘Cannabis in the Capital,’ help de-stigmatize the industry in D.C.,” said Corey Barnette, owner, District Growers and co-owner of MWC. “Helping the community understand the cannabis industry is the first step in normalizing cannabis. ‘Cannabis in the Capital’ will surprise people. It gives you a glimpse into the vast variety of cannabis products being created by some of the best pro-cultivators in the country – and those folks are here in Washington, D.C.”

In Washington, D.C., cannabis dispensaries are only accessible to the approximate 3,600 current cannabis card holders, and cultivation centers limit access to a small group of cultivators and vendors providing services. The virtual reality experience gives consumers the rare chance to take a 360 degree tour of multiple DC cannabis cultivation facilities, complete with expert insights from area cultivators. Viewers receive a crash-course in cultivation best practices and see how plants are cultivated and converted into a variety of products. Additionally, consumers are taken inside the Metropolitan Wellness Center dispensary to meet specialists who consult on the uses and ingestion methods of cannabis.

“‘Cannabis in the Capital’ is an amazing tool for educating the cannabis curious,” said Vanessa West, General Manager, MWC, “This fully-immersive experience helps connect consumers to the cultivation process and educates them about what D.C. dispensaries have to offer. As advocates in the city continue to work for the broadening of our cannabis laws, tools like ‘Cannabis in the Capital’ play an important role in illustrating the challenges and opportunities for medical cannabis programs in urban centers.”

The ‘Cannabis in the Capital’ 360 degree experience can be viewed here (http://www.mwcdc.com/cannabis-in-the-capital/) and on YouTube from any smartphone. To get the fully immersive virtual reality experience, grab a virtual reality headset like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard and open from any popular VR platforms such as VRIDEO, Milk VR, LittlStar, and Facebook 360.

About VRTUL: VRTÜL (pr. “Virtual”) is a San Diego based Virtual Reality studio specializing in VR directing, filming, and post-production. VRTÜL’s has produced over 20 VR films from North Korea to Washington D.C. Casey Sapp is the founder of VRTÜL. He is deeply passionate about access to education, social impact, and using virtual reality for good. You can reach him at: casey@vrtul.io.

About Metropolitan Wellness Center: Metropolitan Wellness Center is a cannabis dispensary licensed by the D.C. Department of Health to provide cannabis to Washington D.C. residents. We bring 20 years experience and remain dedicated to serving individuals seeking cannabis as a therapy for any condition. We carry more than 50 cannabis products, all grown and produced here in Washington D.C., plus a wide variety of accessories to suit patient needs. To get your cannabis card schedule your appointment today. For press inquiries: press@mwcdc.com