Specials for 420 week and the National Cannabis Festival


Specials for 420 and the National Cannabis Festival

What is “420”?

The story goes that the term “420” (pronounced four-twenty), was coined back in 1971 by a group of High School kids who would gather after school at 4:20pm for fellowship and to consume cannabis. This decades-old code term has since augmented into what is now a celebration of cannabis advocacy, cannabis consumption, and cannabis culture. This celebration falls on April 20th (4/20) of every year.

This year, MWC will celebrate all of those things, but above all, we want to celebrate you!


Raffle for Free NCF Tickets

Spend $100 or more and get your name entered into a raffle for one free ticket to the National Cannabis Festival. We will pull 5 winners each day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Otherwise, be sure to purchase your tickets at nationalcannabisfestival.com/#tickets