Products & Services

Our Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Metropolitan Wellness Center is certified and licensed by the Washington D.C. Department of Health
to provide medical cannabis, paraphernalia, and educational materials to its members. MWC is upheld
to the same standards and policies as a pharmacy or physician’s office and we pride ourselves on
our cannabis knowledge and its medicinal uses.

Member Advantage

As a Member of MWC you will have access to multiple cannabis and paraphernalia types in a safe and secure environment. We provide literature with instructions on how to administer cannabis, both in a raw and edible form.

100% private and secure for you
Lab tested for pharmaceutical quality
Free consultations, always
Advanced ordering over the phone and online
Schedule an appointment, or walk-in
Convenient location and safe access with security monitoring

Cannabis Products

MWC purchases medical cannabis from each of the approved cultivation centers in Washington D.C. We carry a variety of cannabis options to meet your needs and can educate you on the effects and variations of each. In working with multiple medical conditions, we are able to provide meaningful recommendations and options that may be best for you.

Indica and Indica Dominant Hybrids
Sativa and Sativa Dominant Hybrids
Concentrates, Trim, Edibles
Pre-rolled Cannabis Joints
Hash Oil and Cannabutter

Paraphernalia & Accessories

MWC carries a variety of paraphernalia options that will enable you to safely administer cannabis. This includes filtered smoking accessories, vaporization products, and non-smoking utensils. We also provide literature for cannabis preparation methods, including making edibles.

Glass pipes (water pipes, dry pipes)
Dab rigs, oil rigs
Rolling papers and rolling machines
Vaporizers (portable and non-portable)
Grinders, lighters, and more